The 2nd International Pro-Life Conference under the title ”Now choose life!”, organised by the Association ”Croatia for Life”, took place from the 3rd to the 5th of May in the Westin hotel in Zagreb, Croatia.

The Conference gathered 130 participants from Croatia and the world. The guests were supposed, through various subjects concerning the protection of life from conception to natural death, answer the following question: ”What is the solution to the problem of abortion in Croatia and the world?” Considering the reactions of the participants, they have succeeded in answering it.

The subjects were diverse and interesting: premarital and marital purity, natural family planning, treatment of spouses not able to have children, adoption, treatment of elderly and disabled people in retirement homes, practice of working with pregnant women and mothers, healing of the wounds of abortion in men and women etc. We also heard about experiences of the fight for life from guests from the United States, Colombia, North Macedonia, and Austria. The participants of the conference came from all parts of Croatia, but also from Spain, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also from the remote India.

The specialty of the Conference was in the granting of awards and acknowledgements to pro-life seniors (not so much due to their age, but due to their long-year persistent and hard-working devotion to the promotion of a culture of life in Croatia). The Association ”Croatia for Life” thanked doctors Antun Lisec, Ružica Ćavar, Danijela De Micheli Vitturi, lawyer Bosiljka Bačura, Mr and Mrs Živković, and Father Ivica Berdik by giving them this special award. Ante Čaljkušić and Petra Milković, president and vice president of the Association, respectively, emphasised that these are only some of the role models in the pro-life fight in Croatia and thanked them from their hearts for praying for all the volunteers, members of the Association ”Croatia for Life” and ”40 Days for Life”.

”I am honoured for having been the part of this 2nd International Pro-Life Conference in Zagreb”, said Sue Thayer, outreach director at ”40 Days for Life”, the worldwide pro-life initiative. Sue worked for 18 years inside the abortion industry and shared in her talk dramatic events that occur on a daily basis inside the walls of the abortion clinic Planned Parenthood.

”Excellent organisation, a beautiful experience and wonderfully spent time in Zagreb and Croatia!” These are the impressions of Rebecca Kiessling from the USA, president of the Association ”Save The 1”, whose subsidiaries exist all around the world and which fights for every life without exception in order to also legally protect the children conceived in rape, due to the fact that she herself was conceived in the same manner. She was especially glad that two new members from Croatia, who shared their story at the Conference, entered her big ”Save The 1” family. Although they were conceived by rape, their mothers gave birth to them, and today they testify about the beauty and the value of their own life.

Renewed by new information and encouraged we are continuing building a culture of life and looking forward to the next pro-life conference, whose date will be announced soon.

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